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Changing banks can be a big decision and a real challenge. That's why Crest Savings Bank has developed this Switch Kit to guide you step by step through the move. This Kit includes simple instructions and all of the forms that will make it easy for you to “unmerge” with your current bank. Need some help? Our branch staff is here to assist each step of the way. Bring the information listed below to any of our branch locations and our staff will help you get set up.

Step 1: Open a Crest Savings Bank Account!

See a Customer Service Representative at one of our 7 convenient locations. They will help determine what account(s) fits you best. To make the process even faster, have the Customer Information Sheet filled out and printed when you come in to open your Crest Savings Bank account. Make sure to take a look at our Options Checklist. Helpful Tip: To keep you organized when switching to Crest Savings Bank, please gather some information before starting the application process (Social Security Number, valid U.S. driver’s license, current email address, materials for funding your new account, such as checkbook, bank account number, or account number from another financial institution).

Step 2 (Optional): Sign up for online banking.

Once your new account is open, you can enroll for Online Banking. When you enroll, you create your own User ID and set your password. Easily track your direct deposits, automatic withdrawals or payments and checks as they clear your Crest Savings Bank account. Take your account on the go with our easy to use Crest Savings Bank App for smartphones and tablets. Don't forget to register for bill payment, e-statements, and Card Valet.

Step 3: Switch your Automatic Deposits to Crest Savings Bank.

Once your checking account is open, you will want to switch your direct deposits to your new account. You will need to inform companies who make direct deposits on your behalf to use the new account. To help notify these companies of the change, utilize the Automatic Deposit Form. Fill out and print one form for each direct deposit, then send it to the company making the deposit.

Step 4: Transfer Payments and Debits to Crest Savings Bank.

You will want to change any automatic payments that are being drafted from your old account. You will need to notify the companies making those drafts to begin using your new Crest Savings Bank account. You can use the Payment Withdraw Forms to notify these companies of the switch. Fill out and print one form for each company making an automatic payment and send it to the company making the payment/deposit. If you are using Online Bill Payment, don't forget to print a list of your current Payees (and your Payment History). Crest Savings Bank's Online Bill Pay can handle all of your recurring and one-time online bill payment needs. Be sure to utilize the checklist located in the Payment Withdraw Forms to make life easier.

Step 5: Balance and close your previous checking account.

Be sure to leave sufficient funds to clear outstanding checks, scheduled bill payments, and check card transactions. Destroy any unused checks, ATM/debit cards, and deposit slips. Confirm that all outstanding checks have cleared and any transfers of direct deposits and automatic payments have been made. Then authorize your old bank to close your account by using the Account Closing Request Form. That's all there is to it!


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